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I have fun -- a Voice for Continuing


He’s my thoughts on gaming online, just a couple hours after we stopped.

First impressions were positive. Only four played, myself and three others, but plenty of laughs. One death, two lost in Digressions, two later rescued. “They’re called ‘DIE-gressions’ for a reason,” stated Tony. Hazzah, a new Cutlass quip.

We could easily have more players under the “round-the-horn take action” mechanics of Cutlass. Skype does most of the work. We should all have an alt character ready. Conrad lost a guy in a Q&D, which is sort of Referee mean. But, he did miss his roll. We all missed rolls. We were level zero.

I survived, just knocked out in duels once. There were five battles that I recall. Two ships and three duels. Plus the Cyclones Q&D. I even made some important rolls, and checked the Ignobles accordingly. I think we forgot to loot an enemy merchant we captured? Was also good seeing my brother have actual success w/ his dice rolls.

Of all the EPIC TABLE aspects, I must say I enjoy watching the dice appear. Has a hope it’s good slot machine feel. There were many rolls just missed and just made. Testament to Cutlass rules. (I did use math in the design, truly.)

Skype worked well, and I enjoyed hearing the voices. I had to switch to Explorer, but after that seemed out of sight, out of mind.

I like EPIC TABLE. Would be easy for me to dwell on what it doesn’t do. But, it had some nice features as a focus. Cutlass is not really a miniatures--he hits him--game. Yet revealing map parts felt right as a Ref. A comment, correctly, that my newly written code in Excel for Personal Events felt like Digressions, I will take to heart. I do think the two generated were better than past methods I’ve used.

The bad: My use of 78 images of Tarot cards were clumsy. I will probably stop displaying them on the screen, unless I need to teach a newbee the mechanics of encounters. Better to just flip and read. Action would flow a bit more naturally. I do like adding the encounter to chat, as a record for later. But, I may farm out some of this to players. Conrad was adding the combat text in the second hour. Nice record and allows an easy check if player is reading the right passage for his roll. I very much enjoy Cutlass as people read their own actions. Reminds me of second grade story time (with killin’).

We managed about fifty card flips in the two hours. Most of those combat events as expected. In the last hour, I stopped adding them on my pile, and just called them out. We might have had double that number to extend the action past Mission One. We stopped in step two of three of the climax Challenges at a Ship Traverse Deck Assail.

In EPIC TABLE I tried to position a deck as images that I would pluck. I flipped externally and then looked or the card. Can’t say I got any better with practice. I was mostly moving things for no game value. Was good for first six or so, then I lost a KING CUPS. Only to find it. Dead time in Radio, as I hunted for images. Poor play. I would flip a card, and by the time I called it out and hunted for the images, Tony would have already announced the result. Which is great, but shows a deck flip in EPIC TABLE will make our Better Games play more like a table top experience. That feature is promised in Version 2? I may try to just call the images from sever files, rather then have them already available. I could also pregen a few decks, three hundred cards and simply draw them from the FOG. Where the Wheels were would start the next shuffle. Sounds intriguing as I spitball this. Perhaps worth a try. Make a face up stack and shift each accordingly over. I could even delete them off session as used. Hey, that might work?!?

Was nice to play Cutlass. In the last two months I have created a monster campaign. Made me smile doing it – all the political, social and religious aspects available. First set of adventures focus on exploring the coast of my Africa. Will be interesting to see how it unfolds as Enemies and Friends are made. Even if it’s one-on-one, well, my most memorable moment in Cutlass was sailing nine-tenths the way around the globe (only to fail). That session was me and just one player (Tony), and I still smile. We were suppose to be hunting whales.

The idea of a session each week w/ clear start and end times, brings that smile again to my face. We stopped today in the center of a Climax Challenge; it seems like we can pick it back up pretty easy, pretty well. We all just need some alts at the ready. Characters are in for a Red Campaign Olde and New World of hurt.



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