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Took One Vicious Wound .... Got Lost in Digression ....


Didn't build the wall ...

About par for the course.

It was a good Cutlass session. We got up and running pretty quickly. As Red mentioned, the chat is very clear. (Having used various programs along the way including cell phone ... one will note with Skype, you can speak and hear at the same time. Good deal.)

But, you should really pull down the application ... more better than running in browser.

The map really only works in certain situations which one would have to plan for. Battle across a ship and push miniatures. Using the Cutlass tables means you don't need that. But, sometimes you may choose to do so.

First character I made a sheet and transferred into the Table. Second one, I created it on the Table. I'll have to pull the data out when convenient (or not).

Cutlass dice mechanics works well ... three choices. Life is good.

Loved the pirate Tarot. I have that Tarot and it really looks great on the screen (bigger).

Unfortunately the handout is only text but it would be a nice place to put the mission info as known. Having a graphic on the screen which could be updated by all would work too.

Dice icons on screen ... meh.

Chat window had a carriage return bug. (I fixed it on my end by simply resizing which cased a redraw. Would be nice to get that text after the game. I think I saw something on the forums for how to extract.)

Good time. Still learning but it definitely works!!


   Death-gression Conrad

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