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Ranger min Strength Changed?


Classes were always a problem. Brings back horrifying memories of Priests unable to use blades. Then, how doe she cut his steak?

D&D was a great game. The law was pretty good to, at first. Then the code grew. Then you needed a lifetime to master the specifics. Then those specifics changed every three years. Yet they didn't.

Jonathon Tweet lost a battle w/ his editor. He wanted to make a mission generation table. He even asked politely if I would mine. Of course not, I like Ref aids. The Judges Guild had some great ones (I nave got to fully use). But there was discussion and then decision that the game would sell less modules. I'm very, very bad at marketing so my disagreement means they were right. But how much D&D material is being sold? Any? The company is pretty much saying pyrate all you want. Now worth our effort to sue (but we reserve the right).

Three Books and Greyhawk were great. Rest was just neural paths I will never reclaim. I know the demons in Hell one day I will visit. (No I don't.)



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