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What would Hobgoblin slavers get out of the deal once the DEMON BLOODED DRAGON (the hell?) scorches the earth to glass and eats all the livestock and farmers? Not much, but the 2HD goons have no choice but to play. They, literally, can do nothing with any effect upon the ridiculous crossbreed Alpha-Predator.

Obviously the Hobgoblins may THINK they have an alliance, but are doomed to be dinner once the farms are denuded.

Then the DEMON BLOODED DRAGON (seriously, what the hell?) laughs at the Hob's pitiful treasure, but takes it anyway, because DEMON BLOODED DRAGON (I can't get over that) is still greedy.

Incidentally, when I read the premise to Laura, she raised a disgusted eyebrow and sneered (paraphrased) "What, someone rolled dice on two tables and filled in the blanks?" One can see why I married that woman.


   Florida Mike

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