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My first thought ...


The Demon / Dragon is a creation of a nefarious but low level illusionist up to no good that is using the Hobs for his own purposes.

When something seems out of place, it is. (Occam's Razor ... not the weapon kind.)

That seems so obvious but it would fool so many. (Did War of the Worlds really happen?)

Red was picking at me for being a nerd boy in my internet travels (clear my browser history!!!!).

I was holding my powder regarding the thought that the Referee should have some "gaming" mechanism to limit the pain delivered. I'm not saying it needs to be "balanced", I'm saying it would be more interesting for the ref if one had to carefully use your resources.

If this was indeed a demon dragon beholder (I added that part) who would care about the Hobs? The demon dragon beholder purple worm hybrid could pretty much handle a dirt farm or two (exception of course to Trek farmers -- see Organians for reference).


   2 Dice Conrad

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That works too. -- Triple-M Mike (posted: 12/7/2017) 
Ah to be twelve again? -- red (posted: 12/8/2017) 
The game loses something when you analyze too much .... -- All the Gold Conrad (posted: 12/8/2017) 
Lewis Carroll would have played -- red (posted: 12/8/2017) 
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