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Iron very hard to Refine in Ancients


The iron mineral is quite abundant, but takes much charcoal to reduce the ore back to a pure metal. Imagine cutting wood w/ very little metal tools (to begin with). Then burning the wood to remove the water. Then burning the char in a brick oven w/ a bellows. Containing the ehat and not exploding the same w/ release of steam. Only then you have the heat to melt iron. Pour it quickly.

The meteorite starts with a high concentration of pure ore, less impurities. When people saw the falling star, they would hunt out the landing site to claim the godly gift of metal. The heat of reentry often left the iron in a very pure state.

Else hire a dragon to work the forge? Charm one? Fireball? I gues in a fantasy world star metal is not very important.

The metal also appears in "Death in Thebes," Mahu Mystery Two, published 2011.



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Steel isn't pure... -- William Hostman (posted: 12/21/2017) 
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