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Illusion beast, or beast cultivating Hobs for his last snack. Either works.

Could a LOW-level Illusionist create such a fearsome beast with so many henchcreatures? I'm too damn lazy to look up the rules (And I'd be in 1'st edition AD&D), but wouldn't any character high-level enough to reasonably be expected to face such a ridiculous threat stroll up, take a glance and say "yeah, hologram," before strolling off to kill Tiamat with a +1 winky*?

*Killing Tiamat with a "+1 dagger." True story, and the most egregious abuse of rules mechanics I ever did. No one else showed up for the game one week except the DM and I. So... I have a Halfling thief and I have loaded dice. The DMG says a thief gains XP for each GP stolen. So... we spent an afternoon tracing the adventures of my thief as he traveled the kingdoms, cheating at every game of chance and casino around. In an afternoon we charted years of his life and about a HUNDRED levels.

Then, he went off and killed Tiamat with a +1 dagger, because, well, Halfling thief had hundreds of Hit Points. Why not?

Ah, to be 12 again. This is when you do that kind of things without quite realizing that your thief has, literally, gotten ALL the money already.


   Triple-M Mike

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