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My Third Act Twist


One of my first novels, draft from late eighties (cold war taint). You may be only one of a half dozen ever to read this. Has sales worse than computer generated Dickens Novel Paragraph Scrambles; ones put up on Kindle to scam a few bucks from any archivists that buy everything.

The only Russians I've met in my life, must admit, we're business travelers boarding airplanes. Chechov is my beloved American version of slavic; that and maybe the "piece of pie" guy from 2010.

Thanks for the feedback. Anything that takes a reader out of a story is good to know. I should have just written them in regular prose. Let the reader add any accent. You're not the first to mention the Russian problem. In the rewrite (never gonna happen) I'll kill them off quickly w/ Vodka poisoning (continue the cliche). In the SyFy made for TV version, they will be even more horribly garbled and stereotyped. Walter Koenig is the right age?



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