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Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?


If you're going to write "North Slavic" accented English:
No verbs of being other than "was".

No "W" sounds. Any w's become v's, and v's stay v's.
D's sometimes get a bit of z as well. (the Russian D is sometimes D, sometimes Dz. Contextually and regionally changes)
While hard to write, the Russian equivalent to h is more like german's ch;

Word order is more flexible... Store I go, Store go I, I store go. All equally likely in Russian poetry, I go store most likely in English.

States of being often done by noun–noun or noun–possessive–noun. "He sick," instead of "he is sick." "Steph my wife" not "Steph is my wife"

North Slavic languages include Russian, Rusyn, Carpetho-Rusyn, Ukrainian.


   William Hostman

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Are you a linquist? -- red (posted: 12/30/2017) 
Not exactly -- William Hostman (posted: 12/31/2017) 
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