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I was not impressed by Designer Ogre


I was expecting LOTR Designer and got ... a big box ...

I would have preferred a nice case and nice pieces rather than a big box. I realize how it got where it got but not a big enough fan to haul the box.

From the reviews on the Interwebz, it appears to me, it's not fiddly enough for the hard core war gamers. (It was not intended to scratch all those itches.) The poetry of the game is one player has a bunch of little pieces defending from the single big monster. I don't know if the background delves into it but it's almost better if one considers the Ogre an automated destroyer without human weakness (strength). Is this the end of humanity? Well, for these humans it is.

I haven't played it enough to know if the Ogre has substantial differences in using the terrain or if the "Defender" should pull back and strike at once or nickel and dime the Ogre.

Does anyone even have to make morale checks anymore?

I would go for the tracks and blast O Fortuna in the background (Linky) What's wrong with you boys? Do you want to live forever? (Said Johnny Rico to Rico's Roughnecks.)

I would go with the version 6 regular box but I would not play it enough the big box worth it for me (Does have lots of pieces).

For the return of The Fantasy Trip, I would do it as a freebie on-line battle game (micro-transactions maybe) but let people watch the twitch feed. Who is the King of the Arena? Don't mess with Jake!!!.

Sell a nice complete but not exhaustive box and call it good. Let the market decide if it wanted 20 expansions.


   GEV Conrad

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