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Difference without a Difference


For GURPS to be a campaign game, it needed progression ... or so goes the dogma ....

If you step back a few steps, you chuck a few cube dice and get a someone loses HTK. GURPS evolved to sell more product and so it should. My brain could analyze the minutia but my eyes can't miss the similarity. One game had all those different dice. One game just had six siders. One had a class where you got what you got and one bought stuff.

Would it be different if one used D12? D8? If we called it Agility rather than Dexterity?

The Arena beat down that we remember from The Fantasy Trip wasn't GURPS not because of the mechanics but because of what we perceived the objective. For lack of a better word, Melee and Wizard had more precision. My dude with a big ass axe controlled his destiny if I could get that great roll just once. As opposed to the dagger guy who needed to get more small hits faster than their opponent could get that one good shot.

(If I remember correctly, Big Axe dude actually had to hit his opponent twice, a nearly impossible task, but the first hit was so fearsome that the opponent would run if hit once ... or so I hoped.)

The other game I could have the Axe but it was just 1-10 rather than 1-8. Over time, I was doing n-1 divided by sigma blah blah blah ... 2 points more.

It was better suited to push hit points up and down.

That was the difference!!!

GURPS had to conform or die. (Not dice die, death die ... dollars and cents.) Wasn't there even a D20 GURPS eventually?

The Theory for GURPS was you could play a specific theme / setting with the basic rules and perhaps a small source book. One could play Time Travel, Major Matt Mason, Charlemagne, Rendezvous with Rama with the basic stuff. Well, there was a Time Travel book but it didn't solve the time travel problem. (Having said that Lensman have always caught my eye. (Full Service Linky)

That solved a different problem.

Turns out ... we really just wanted to slag orcs and ogres ... well most of us. (We are a fickle lot.)

In the end, GURPS has an immense portfolio, and a bunch of people wrote D20 games with 6 stats and classes. So GURPS and 20-URPS?

In the end, I got nothing except to say .... when you build that big axe dude, put your back in a corner and make them come to you. They will have to choose to engage you. There's nothing they can do but gird up and come at you. Nothing you can do but respond. If you are in the melee in the center, people will take shots at your flanks and because they can.

But, if they have to choose to come down the hallway of death, they may live. They may die. Mano a mano, the big dukeroo .... my black cold steel axe against your puny pointy dagger. Bring it Holmes ... just don't think too hard, I only got one job, roll the dice and deliver pain.

Best to stay in the fray until you meet the mean dog.

Oh crap, here comes Trident guy ....


   Blunt Instrument Conrad

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