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The Force Awakens was Episode Seven. If you missed it, just watch Episode Four, the New Hope--what we who were teens in 1977 call Star Wars. The macro plot was about the same; the people and deaths were by others names.

Johnny Depp and the Horse? Sleepy Hallow, perhaps? I liked that one. Johnny Depp and the Horse? Magic Beasts and Where to Find Them had Depp and a Horse. The horse (sort of a griffon or sort of a squid mare) had more screen time. That's about all the horses and Depp I can recall today. But we might play again w/ Johnny Depp and Bicarb or Johnny Depp and Veit Nam, just to test the wiki skills.

"Peace, love and understanding" don't make the trains run, but I would stop riding for those virtues.



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