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Now that I think back on stuff I slept through,,

Support Facilities
Plumbers Union (VIP#04): A television shows the movie three hundred, the original not the oil up your chests re-tred.
Teamster Local (VIP#05): A television shows a science show.
Laundry (VIP#06): A television shows a medical procedure of a woman giving birth.

Restricted Area
Recruitment Center (VIP#07): A television shows a war movie, the Valley, with lots cannons, horses and deadly action.

Recreation Area
Spinning Class (VIP#08): A television shows a movie like Shogun, with a bearded Richard Chamberlain being peed on by a Samurai.
50s Style Coffee Shop (VIP#09): A television shows a theatrical piece where a king is betrayed by a close adviser. Could be Othello, since the lead seems painted in black face?
Art Gallery (VIP#10): A piece of performance art shows a shrouded television repeating a violent scene from the movie Messenger, the one with Milla Jovovich.

Enforcer Quarters
No VIPs.

Fashion Mall
Nails (VIP#11): A television shows a bunch of wooden sailing ships. Was that really Columbus?
Mall Cops(VIP#12): A television shows the burning of a witch in Salem. Great production values.



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