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Relics to Date


Here's the list:

* Cell phone taped message from Bad Man clone #19 of Caw-Caw. "He who shall not be named," a modern evil doer, best left out of an open forum, shall we agree? His video was left w/ him in the air conditioned shack where at least one #19 clone resides in insanity.
* Signed picture of Boris Carlof, as the Mummy; CL#07 says that Hollywood got things all wrong.
* Lead metal, artificial nose cap, which fits the face of CL#01.
* Coat of arms of Santa María la Antigua del Darién, CL#00 identifies the item. Takes two enforcers to carry the item and could delay reaction on the adventure.
Held in safe keeping in a U-St*r-L*cker.
* Braided lock of woman’s hair; the hank appears to be torn out by the roots, not clipped. Most of the Caw-Caw desire the item, especially the clone Custer CL#15. Yet who's DNA might be cloned from the item.
* Saber tooth tiger teeth; stopped archeologists from taking these.
* Twisted piece of magnetized wire, very old patina. Most of the Caw-Caw will want the item. Reasons unknown.
* A set of Napoleonic miniatures arrayed to simulate a crossroads battle. The trees are made from Styrofoam and green glitter. Makes CL#04 smile. This item is moved to a side table of the Orientation room and placed under polyurethane.
* Roman copper coin showing Scipio Africanus, pocketed by the Roman enforcer, CL#08.
* Spatha style sword, Christian cross embossed on hilt. Claimed by CL#09. The enforcer has fashioned a scabbard from the leather seat cushions to hold the weapon.
* CL#06 desires the ostracism token for Thucydides, son of Melesias. No enforcer is Thucydides or Melesias, having tried both for these user name.

You might also like to peruse the novelization, Bajillion Ways to Die, offered on Kindle. That story has bonus details of almost all the enforcers' quarters from Episode One. Some blatant clues will be found in that story. It's a quick read, 40k words. Costs you a buck; I know I should not beg. I believe my entire literary life may be had for a US Grant.



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