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Vert Valiant!!!!!


War is never the answer my children. Men rush to war without proper buckles, boots, and embroidery. All for slips of papers and scribbles of mad men. There is mad talk of new oceans and féerie lands in the distance. Some even speak of corruption and misuse of public funds to feed the purses of false soldiers.

The Gardner des Champs had but a single cadre of the valiant stand in the gap and hold the field. Are we to believe the false stories that the ogres and undead foreigners entrenched in impenetrable fortress well gunned simply fled? C'est impossible. The villainous Ottoman would rather slaughter the woman and children than flee the safety of the people's walls.

No!! The heroes of the battle stood firm of a one in ten chance and nobly held the field -- the finest of French heroes! Had their commander not been over come by all the dust and rancor, he too would have fallen with his men. And when the battle most dire, none would join the fray to lead the men, preferring to remain hidden behind their Mother's apron. For shame!!! But fate has interposed and raised up a true noble hero of the French people. January 10th will be known in the future as Vert Vailliant (Valiant Green). The men of company magnanime Boleyn paid with their lives so that good citizens could enjoy their cakes and wine.

Vert Valliant was a lesson in tactics, ingenuity, and valor as the brave soldiers of Marseille paid the ultimate price. Do not fall for the words of the puant gold sellers. Wave the Drapeaux Verts and honor your heroes!!!!


   Citizen Conrad

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Inspiration -- Bartolomeu (posted: 1/11/2018) 
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