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Delta Dispatch (Base Commander's Memo)


The active Delta Cryonauts have been busy, but could use more personel. Half of the original Delta Team remain in Cryo, and most of Beta Team (sans Beta Leader) are now in Delta's Barracks (so we have a good supply of replacement characters available).

We've made friendly contact with the local Amish, and have invited them to bunk with us in Delta. The Amish have been helpful in base maintenance and food stocking. With their help, Delta has been restored to better-than-nominal operation.

At the moment we have at least three potential active operations. One involves clearing out a cannibal nest (we've killed a lot of cannibals. This nest might go a long way towards eliminating that threat forever).

Of more pressing import are Ops "Ackroyd" and "D."

Ackroyd involves recon of a hazardous environment with the goal of eliminating the spawn point of a "Landshark." This would eliminate a "Wandering Monster," and be helpful to our Amish friends.

Op-D involves a sweep-and-destroy of an infectious biohazard. This would potentially eliminate a second "Wandering Monster," help our Amish friends, and help continue to improve Delta.

We do not have enough active party members to complete these action plans without a high probability of character death.

Tony, Rusty, and Greg and Crystal Morrison would be useful players to add into the game. In that case, perusal of Where Fools Dare to Tread in SG/FG#6 would enable players to check the base skills of the remaining characters. I believe "Wrongdoing" has good combat skills and that the "Musician" is the "Jack of All / Master of None" character.

Ladies and Gents, the basic game play is similar to play-by-mail. Log in, declare some actions, roll your dice and check in the next day for Ref adjudication. It's not terribly time consuming, but fun to watch the developing options and figuring out the best way to anticipate rolls and actions. Overall, so far we've done pretty well securing the immediate environs, and are actually becoming a faction of note, but the majority of locations and potential plots remain undiscovered. There's both opportunity to attempt synchronized actions, and for individuals to strike out on their own and explore.

Plus, we have a cute tiger-bunny mascot. His name is George, and the Combat Veteran likes to hug him and squeeze him and kiss him and cuddle him...


   Base Commander Mike

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