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Yay!!!! Back to the 1950s!!!!


... the two sonic booms were cool ... I can't lie .....

It's better than watching the Russians fly our dudes and dudettes to space and there was a certain moxy in putting the car on the rocket, but ... SSTO is the way to go baby!!!

What costs more 10 steel cans you use over and over again or 10,000 that you throw away after one use? Bonus, you don't even need to recover them because the steel is worth the scrap to have someone else come get it.

Solving the "how to re-use them" consumes a lot of effort that could be spent on a good laser pistol, building a better loknar or ... I don't know ... more, better, launches.

When will this thing be man rated?

On the other hand:

(Trust me, it won't fly in 2019 either.)

But, the analysts are having a field day analyzing ... which is to say not making laser pistols.

Put me in the camp of pick a plan, shoot the analysts and politicians and go build it.



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