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Don't hate the Playa'


This one was an odd one from KickStarter. Only 100 games produced. He is having a lot of success from people who want the PDF.

So, maybe $5K in revenue from campaign, which he spends $3K to fulfill and 10,000 hours of gamers nagging him when the package is going to arrive. (Vast collected about $650K on the first two campaigns but it had a few stumbles. The final game was not bad.)

The interesting thing about his design is the asynchronous elements. (As was his last game, that's why there is the interest here.) Each player has different rules but scores similar victory points.

One player just kills the baddies. The other player cleans up the mess to make sure they stay down. (Could be as simple as one person rolls dice and one person plays spades.)

Basically solving two dynamic equations at once to make it work.

(The names don't exactly jibe here. I'm sure there's a story.)



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