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It Definately Worked ...


Would have been nice to have a check sheet of sorts on our end to track the progress. I started one but could not get it caught up as we went.

Is it 4 Cogs or 5? (Not that it mattered but the war gamer in us all wants to Min/Max.)

The map could have been hexes as well. Definitely, this is where something like Epic Table can shine where players can interact with a table.

The tests were very good. Those would fit well in a novel (should you be so inclined).

Not much Cutlass swinging in tonight's thrilling episode but that was probably because we really had a smaller group and didn't need the dice rolls to bring the adrenalin down. Chasing Machiavelli from ship to ship is, no doubt, ahead.

The only other thing tactically missing is some sort of running total like Clue points to uncover a mystery. If we collect 10 clue points, we discover the Rival for example. The Ref could have traded dice rolls and such with the offering of the secondary objective. (As discussed, the illusion of player control.)

Lastly, I was mindful of the "Make Rolls" turning it into too simple a task. We would have eventually run out of course and, we did attempt rolls where the result was not a potential vicious wound.

(I, for one, was less concerned on the mission than catching up a level or two. Of course, I wanted the mission to succeed, but the arrival of Moradin and Baily almost made that a certainty.)



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