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Clue Points to Nikolai


The rival was an afterthought. I might have sold the Villains and Treasonous acts better; his doing for sure. IF any of us became scapegoat, then finding the real culprit becomes more urgent.

Your suggestion that the rival stowaway could be slowly uncovered will be added to the hunt for the Pepper People (Mission Twelve). Ten clues which may or may not be worth extra hazards on the sea.

I enjoyed the play today and the balance that the game still generates. Whether three players or ten, the game has a fun aspect of avoiding your own injustices while delightfully smiling at the tragedy of others. We had more troubles w/ more players in terms of events. That is to be expected; that is actually the power of the rules not my ref'ing.

Diaz, for one, votes to stop at Ceylon. Find Cairo some other day. In fact, the Cutlass Character in me thinks the patron might be set ashore (or tossed into his own fateful Digressions). The ref in me needs to make sure the consequences of that are profound. Dominicus is probably beloved by the crew as a lucky charm (right now). Having him Merchant Prince of Cairo might triple our social standing, make us all lords (in cash). Never a bad thing, even if we don't adjudicate the cases as we should. To be members of the Assize could mean one future Digression avoided.



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