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I must confess...


That I never built rules around food. The closest I came to rolling dice into figures to chip paint and kill them. Was that time I played "Thumb of God," whlpped out a fist-sized foam 4-sider and rolled it thru the board, causing Tony to immediately ban it.

The nerdiness of my middle-school/late teen years was recording "radio-comedies" with a friend (occasionally two) where I'd spend hours recording things then bouncing between two tape decks (one varispeed, one a DJ deck that played both sides at once) to create my sound effects or to layer music into the scenes. Talking through a kazoo into a plastic tumbler makes a credible "tacnet" voice, and feeding a loop of white noise (4-bit, 6k samples!) into a spring 'verb then a mic input is decent ambience. Crank the input knob, then fade it back down and the overdrive becomes a pretty meaty explosion. We had, what I honestly think is a great time travel joke:

"So, future Wi2 where's future me?

"Oh, I can't really tell you that."

"Right, because of the risk of changing the timeline"

"No, more it would just depress you."

Didn't have gamer friends. That's why I started going to the cons.


   Weak Gamer Mike

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