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Boss Battles


The large monsters are tricky to kill. Still early on in play, but one of the first bosses was hiding among the pews of a church. Lots of wasted effort clearing the debris as he spooked my guys or collapsed the roof on them. Very delver.

The creature was secured in stocks and blind. His eyes were cut out and put in his open palm. Okay, now we're starting to see some graphics for the modern world.

I've built a couple of good delving teams, but hard to shake the notion that more healers win every time over faster kills. Of course, I am playing on easy and spending a ton of money on torches and food, a luxurious amount. If I was watching every nickle, different story. I'd also have less fun. Game might need a feature like Total War, where you independently set the commerce and warfare as separate difficulties. Easy money and hard battles would be my taste. I hate any paper calculations, though I know it would improve my survival.

"Let's see at one torch a corridor and average return of gold X, factor in food,..." Not what I want in a game. Rather see, the packs loaded and you figure out what to use where-when? I do like that anything you don't use you sell back (at a loss), but it does beg that time-honored question? Why would they be charging me money for provisions to save the blasted town? The guy w/ sword, especially the terrors the game lets you play (sell swords all), would just take the extra loaf.



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