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Spawned the Board Game Outrage ...


Here is a review from the Geek.

I purchased this game at the Tower of London. Well, I purchased the travel edition of it which consists of none of the really good bits and has all of these little magnetic playing pieces, a bunch of tiny cards that are impossible to hold onto (especially in a moving vehicle) and a sort of magnetic game board that folds up to hold all of the parts.

I paid, I think, 15 pounds for it.

The thing that's amazing about the game, however, is that it teaches you practical methods for actually stealing the crown jewels. That's right. The methods in the game actually work! And they sell it right in the gift shop!

Or so I thought.

So my girlfriend and I left for the day and then spent the evening playing this game--and planning our daring theft of the real crown jewels! The rules make absolutely no sense. First, you have to get....accredited? What does that mean? No matter. We just walk around the tower once, roll a die, and then we're accredited. Easy peasy.

Next we have to find all of the tools (like dynamite) that the beefeaters leave lying around inside the tower walls (idiots). And then we use those tools to make it easier to steal big diamonds and golden scepters. Sweet!

My girlfriend trounced me. Seriously, it was bad. I sucked.

But that's not the point, because the very next day, we headed back into London with our carefully laid out plans to enact the game itself in the real Tower!

As it turns out, the game is a scam. There is no dynamite or lockpicks in the Tower anywhere. The stupid ravens don't give you cards, and the Beefeaters will mess you up if you try and steal any diamonds. Don't believe the hype! All this game is, is a poorly implemented gimmick to make a crap-ton of money on moronic American tourists who think they're going to be able to steal the real crown jewels!

Don't make the same mistake I did!

This game gets (out of 1000) for being marginally entertaining and then almost landing me in a maximum security prison.

But seriously, we had a blast actually trying to play the game in the tower itself with all the other tourists looking at us like we were crazy.

Thought this was Tony for sure.



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