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Starting Work on #15-21


The first fourteen are ready--the players are on mission Eleven. I am working on the next seven, mostly tying them back into the previous flow. Looks like several new tasks will direct the players to the greater globe. Makes sense, since we have spent about half our time away from the Olde World. Plenty of Infidels, Orientals and Natives, including a few Empires, to scourge. But who will be the one to defeat the Pyrate King? Maybe by twenty-one? Maybe more likely by thirty?

I went back and read the Vox posts. Fourteen sessions of Cutlass on Epic Table. Three months of steady play. Thanks for the grande memories.



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Discoveries await the bold... -- Pyrate Mike (posted: 3/1/2018) 
Two Weeks of laughing so hard I couldn't breath .... -- IronConrad (posted: 3/1/2018) 
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