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I pause, but must agree (cough)


The skipper ran the numbers; he calculated the odds. He had a slight advantage; if only,..., We might have added a second three deck to the pyrate fleet. Instead, we were schooled on what a trained crew w/ steady masters will do to our bravado. Russel Crowes' white teeth glimmered on Rotterdam's quarterdeck. I would have make-rolled the eleven to just flee. Now my face is known by the Dutch Nuisance.

Diaz still fears the tiger more. Come to think of it, I would have fled from the mayor's dogs, right? Ref mistake to our advantage. I will write myself down for the future wound. Either that or I lose the Ignoble and reset back to level four.

Steady as she goes, scoundrels. My brother is the killer of Kit Marlowe. I am the slayer of an Amsterdam's Magistrate's Mongrel. (I can live w/ such fame.)



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