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Can we get Two decimal places?


Your statistical analysis is worthy, but ignores gamer faith in My Dice GoooooD.

When I concocted the system, I didn't really have Advantage actions. I found I needed them in episode two, mostly to push play along. Via Advantage dice the players feel more selection control, and I can add more small battles or tech-obstacles. Rather than looking at twenty-one skills and deadzone (indecision), they can focus on the six they do well.

My goal as Ref is usually cull the advantages to add suspense, fear of failure.

Here's my Ref Cheat-Sheet for Players vs Total Skills
Twelve players have Seventy-Two Advantage skills.
Ten have Sixty skills.
Eight have Forty-Eight skills.
Six have Thirty-Six skills.
Four have Twenty-Four skills.
Two have Twelve skills.
(I multiply by six GoooooD.)

My goal in combat remains to have one battle, the climax, that needs half the skills and three preliminary clashes that each use one-sixth the skills. If I want the players to expend twelve skills to win, I select 15/7 or 14/12. Eighteen skills is a 15/13 or 22/7. A massive battle would be 24/12 (Archeologist, group almost lost).

Add four to values if Advantage dice are abundantly in play. Or assume by the time any rolls are required that the players will have some skill overuse penalties.

My own excel chart has high thirty-six skill attempts (21/13) to low demand for two (9/7). Twenty dice results, e.g. 16/12 is same as a 24/5 and should entertain a group of ten players twice around the table.

You guys tried too hard to be heroes; you missed many a three dice sixteen "Target" attempt. (Fell into that 14% chance overall that everyone in the round will miss his roll.) Instead, you may desire to reduce the "Avoid Enemy Bane" instead of "Support to kill" to alleviate some panic. The last player was wasting effort trying to save you all, when you might just accept "someone gots-ta die" (just not me).

Oh, now that you got the statistics, consider hat happens when you are not allowed to sue certain skills or attempting certain actions raises the Target number. You got some hurt to come, me buccos.



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