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The Problem of course is predicting N ....


If the objective is a balanced approach, the problem comes from determining N. Even a difference between 4 players and 5 players is a big deal.

One could tie the results to a formula as some games do .... 10 + N for example.

I prefer to let the number be closer to just something difficult and let the players' greed push them too far.

Banes sort of works but they aren't fun to play. And, with the take one bane before taking a 50/50 bane, one sees more of them than non-banes.

By fun, of course, I mean interesting, amusing. For example, taking a shot in the stones isn't funny. Tony taking a shot in the bread basket ... funny.

And, there are still bad things to be had in the regular results. Regardless, player takes a vicious for example.

It's almost like combat is dangerous or something.



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