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Q&D Grande Barrage Cards, pt 6-6


Magician: Ready powder explodes and guns foul. Next event is treated as SWORD as munitions fracture upon release. Inverted, as described, but also the player commander’s level no longer forces cards to become banes. There was some clarity in the mishap.
High Priestess: Enemy makes a serious mistake. Next card flip is treated as a regular event. Even if the card is inverted, or the commander’s level is too low, do not use the bane. Inverted, he won’t repeat the mistake. Treat the next flip as a CUP, but thereafter all double shot events take results as fire at will, i.e. COINS.
Empress: The player’s commander’s level is no longer applied to cards to test if they become banes. All cards are read as they read, and only inverted cards are banes. Inverted, as described, but no players may use a make-roll for any remaining barrage combat.
Emperor: Crew disordered; lose one barrage card versus the enemy. The bonus falls or penalty increases for all player rolls. Inverted, Crew demoralized, lose all barrage cards. The enemy total becomes the full penalty to rolls. Player has an extra chance, right here, to grapple or evade.
Pope: Mainmast struck by fluke hit; victim becomes speed factor of zero (plus bonus for oars). Inverted, player’s ship is victim.
Lovers: Two ships sail into barrage; pick two victims and apply the event result to both. If this is a one-on-one battle, mano e mano, the player immediately gains the trait Damaged (III), before selecting the next event. Inverted, gain Damaged and Unruly, as the player’s ship suffers damage from sympathetic forces on-board his flagship. “Seize the traitors!”
Chariot: Winds change, gain an extra barrage pont on your further attacks. This may increase your die bonus or help wipe-out a penalty. Inverted, the enemy has escaped or is now out of range. If the player was outgunned, then he can count his blessings; continue with encounters, yet knowing an enemy may still be in pursuit.
Justice: Rudder damaged by fluke hit; enemy loses one point of his barrage card total. Add to your bonus or reduce your penalty. Inverted, player’s flagship is victim. Lower your bonus or add to your dice penalty. Following the action, a Difficult display of skills may get the ship seaworthy again. Else, the Fleet commander needs a harbor with a suitably sized drydock to fully erase the disadvantage.
Hermit: A secondary event happens that changes the player character(s) or the battle situation. Possibly more opponents arrive, player discovers a weakness in his ship or opponent's, clue to mission, patrol comes to rescue, ships enter shallows (galleons run aground), storm rises ending combat, etc. Ref decides specifics. Inverted, the result should be of benefit now, but have a penalty later. (Again, Ref decides.)
Wheel of Fortune: Reshuffle the deck and continue.
Force: Inflict a raking barrage. The enemy loses all barrage cards advantages. The player continues w/ their own tally as a die roll bonus. Inverted, same result, but players lose the Good Trait Abundant Stores (VII) from stressing their powder stores. Regardless of inversion, the Ref may decide to end the battle against a lone enemy at least for now. Few ships would continue after such an event; they’d slip away to restore or hope never to meet again the scoundrel that caused such cruel harm.
Hanged Man: Sail dangerously close and fire. Next card is treated as a regular CUP, regardless, it is not a bane. However, the players lose all their own barrage card pips if the battle continues. Only the remaining enemy barrage cards apply as a dice penalty. Inverted, the damnable fool of an enemy has discharged at point-blank range. She flounders and will sink from the damage recoil of debris. Yet the player’s flagship suffers half a D8 loss of Good Traits.
Death: The enemy is grappled and locked. Draw one last attack as a SWORD. Continue if needed w/ Repulsing. Inverted, as regular result of a SWORD attack, but enemy defensive modifier in the boarding action begins raised by three.
Temperance: Winds die. All non-oared vessels lose a barrage card; this may result in nothing, unless only one side has galley or galleass. Inverted, the seas are choppy, and wind is at gale. End the battle as all sailing ships reduce sheets to weather the storms; the players with oared vessels may press on but every other event is treated as BANE.
Devil: Traitors or impressed men mutiny. Fight that Repulsing action in tandem w/ the continuing main barrage battle. Suffer an increasing point of die penalty for each round after two. Inverted, the penalty begins immediately at minus one from the flagship barrage rating and falling.
Tower of Destruction: An enemy magazine blows, and one ship blasts asunder – no survivors. This may not always be the good result if a prize, object, info or captive was desired. Optional, display of skill required to rescue survivors or gain specific item for the mission. Inverted, fire erupts in the player flagship hold. Each round of battle, starting here, the flagship suffers one loss of Good Trait.
Star: Night falls and gives option to escape. Player may immediately attempt to evade any and all opponents. After attempt, if any enemy remain, start again with barrage cards at dawn. Inverted, the result is a dense fog that continues. If the players do not escape, they suffer a minus two penalty to barrage cards in the continuing action. The devious enemy seems to only benefit.
Moon: Confusion and smoke causes allied ship to cross barrage. A support ship of the player is sunk. If none exist in battle, your crew thinks they sees an apparition, a ghost ship crewed by former comrades and relatives; lose a Good Trait (player choice) from the flagship. Inverted, player’s flagship finds herself separated from the rest of the fleet. Ref must decide if rendezvous is possible and what continuing penalty may result. A solo ship should lose all barrage cards if forced to continue the engagement here. In many cases, the enemy is busy looting the damaged ship left behind and this battle has ended. “Seek revenge another day.”
Sun: Sails of the enemy catch fire; she is distracted, fighting the blaze. Players may attempt immediately a roll to grapple and board. The players do not gain a free chance to escape by this action. However, when escape becomes possible, the enemy rests at speed factor zero. Inverted, as described, plus for the continuing action the player’s level is treated as Eleven for determining event switch to banes. i.e. They won’t.
Judgment: Randomly picked player character is knocked unconscious with a vicious wound. Inverted, the wound is the kind which maims.
World: Water line damage forces player crewmen to the hold, manning pumps and bailing water. Men equal to half the required sailors for the vessel must go below or ship sinks. These men will not be available for grapple and their loss may leave the sails undermanned, thus reducing speed factor and barrage card bonus. Inverted, the result is severe, so add the bad Trait Damaged (III). But the crew is energized and all further actions in the battle ignore the level test of the commander; no banes result from cards which are not inverted.
Fool: One of the player characters is knocked overboard. Victim is decided by Ref, considering levels and skills. If any character has the skill “expert at drowning” (lacks swimmer), he’s dead, gone to Davy Jones. So long as victim can swim, he may on an Out of Ordinary roll to rejoin the crew after the battle is concluded. Otherwise, continue with Digression #A for the swimming for his life casualty. The man overboard does not take actions in this continuing engagement. Inverted, the ship battle will range far away from the missing character. After the battle, the best the lost man can hope for is surviving Digression.



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