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Don't try to confuse the situation with actual evidence! I'm angry and scared and I want something done now! I demand a scapegoat!

(Apparently there is some controversy on the origin of the term "scapegoat". It comes from the bible, specifically from Leviticus, but some claim that "escape goat", is a mistranslation of "Azazel", a regional deity and later Christian demon. Misread as "ez ozel" it means "the goat that is sent away". So the original passage as translated in the 1530 William Tyndale Bible, "And Aaron cast lottes ouer the gootes: one lotte for the Lorde, and another for a scapegoote" might have actually meant "one lot for the Lord, and another for Azazel.")


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Азазель,Tuhinga, آزازیل -- red (posted: 3/10/2018) 
Study Schmuddy -- Bot Conrad (posted: 3/10/2018) 
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