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"Diaz, Explorer without equal...?"


*raises eyebrow*

I owe the man a Favor, so this shall stand unchallenged.

For now.

***Relevant Ignobles*** (Growth 3 is the source of this post)

Fame 1="Leon's Crossing" exists along the new Silks route between France and Sind

Skills 3= Successfully passed the "Ultimate Navigator Test" to cross below the "Pluie Calme" towards Ceylon/Sind/Leon's Crossing to open the trade route.

Fame 3= Succesfully opened a trade route to Burma and Mandar, which happens to use Leon's Crossing as part of the route.

Prizes 3= Succssfully captured two Galleys to reinforce the defensive fleet at the Bay of Sind to reinforce Leon's Crossing.

Growth 3= Leon's goal is to become the most renowned explorer of the Age--he will always go forward to discover new lands and cargos.

Fame 4= Secured a trade route to Cairo!


   The Triple Lion

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But not a Picaroon,... -- Diaz's Biographer (posted: 3/15/2018) 
Leon does have an ego -- The Triple Lion's Player (posted: 3/21/2018) 
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