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First, Diaz is a certified Navigator. He speaks seven languages, including a mangled Infidel tongue. Heís been wounded six times on adventures abroad, including via pistol, sword, baton and poison. He is good friends w/ gov-gen of Ceylon. He has friends among Alexandreís court of France. Need I mention his value, a 3K ransom was paid for his safe conduct out of Bavaria? He was not ordered to betray the blind prophet, Jonson.

Diaz saw his first companion die, Juels Beafort, in the Battle of Rusty's Excellence. He has charts to Cyclones and La Bobine hazards. Two oceanic hazards he has traversed. Pluie Calme as the name implies is quiet water. Any common man can row his way across calm seas.

Diaz has sailed the coasts off Zanzibar.
Fought Ethiopian Galleys.
Won title of First Mate on Virgin Star in a duel w/ Visser Voor in't Wouters.
Wounded at Mali.
Fought spice ships of Timbuktu.
Wounded in Algiers by Bashi Bazouk.
Fought Tunis Janissaries.
Faced down the blind sea monsters near Cyclones.
Bullied worthless rats into joining a pyrate ship and later won acclaim for doing so.
Volunteered to take the wound for a fellow seaman.
Defeated the Galleass Zanzibar Queen.
Drank from the two lake oasis; walked away from paradise.
Rescued Jacapo, stepson of Admiral of Genoa.
Earned yet more acclaim of crews on route to Vert Valiant.
Defeated Bozkurt Da Wolf at battle of Garden Fields and took his charts of the world.
Wounded at Tours.
Proudly serves as Master of Sails on Karlskrona.
Charged artillery on horse back at Battle of Vichy.
Received vicious in People's War w/ reformists.
Saved the fleet from poisoned flour.
Chronicled the voyage of Karslkrona to Mandar. 12 ss royalty to date. Too bad the printing press caught fire.
Swam the surf to rescue men, not one but several, overboard.
Opened trade to Burma.
Returned w/brass and porcelain from Mandar.
Captured Moorish Galley in Bay of Bass, whiling hanging upside down.
Took city of Fez for friend, Moab ibn Bakr.
Seen a tiger maul a servant.
First Frenchman to defeat a Cantonese Junk.
Defeated twisted Saban in his palace at Cairo.
Caused calamity in Netherlands.
Watched good men die facing the Rotterdam.
Sacked magazine of capital Amsterdam.
Capture and Ransom of Sir Utder to Bullingdons.

All For France! Not to proclaim best in class in an unfinished, glorious career.

Shall we judge our fury by our enemies? Diazís face is on wanted posters of the Cantonese. He spits on Duperron, reputed to be the best sailor in the Olde World. Hated by only the best of lords, including the Field Marshal of France and the Queen and Crown Prince of Russia.

I grow fatigued listing Diazís achievements.

But shall I say again, he is a Navigator. Able to draw the coasts he has sailed, not do as others might and point at clouds and declare mere whales to be the fabeled blind Biblical leviathans.


   Diaz's Biographer

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