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Wichard Percy Took Spiritual Growth in New World


I took the Bibles and Missionaries. I did misread the Barding Warhorse as Barding ... d'uhhhh.

If we end up in a New World of aborigines, we will need (or more correctly be very happy that we brought) horses and metal armor.

We took enough supplies to establish a colony. We may not be able to hold it and we may not be able to profit from it, but it's a start.

If we end up in a New World with an Asian power, we'll have to rely on our diplomatic skills. It's unlikely we'll be left to build a colony.

In the end, we have some things missing but the first bad flip of a card will create more losses.

Travelling to the New World is crazy dangerous and risky. We're going to have to maximize our chance for success and leverage our character advantages.


   Cutlass Conrad

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