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I watched 5 episodes.
I do not care for it.

I wan't a fan of the original, but it was enjoyable as a one-or-two episode watch.

Why do so many of the reboots suck so bad.?

Of the reboots I've Watched recently..
The mediocre overall...
JJ-ST: fun as action, poor as trek
ST-Dis: great sci-fi, but lame trek
LIS: missing all the charm of the original, and no action. Just a bunch of building future conflicts through Ep 5.

The good
Roseanne: ok, this one works. So far
SWAT: This one works for me. It's faithful to concept, but updated well
MacGuyver: True to the concept, but striking its own chords. And working well.
Hawaii Five-0... I love it, it's very different from the original, but it honors both the camp and concept.

At least some new shows are working


   William Hostman

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