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Maybe the smallfolk


But no one remembers their names, anyways...

Bailey probably doesn't care that his wife slept with someone, he's just annoyed that everyone knows about it, of course. He's Lordly and Gentry to start at lvl 0, so Social level 8--just high enough to care about this sort of thing.

Leon, of course, wouldn't care. Those multiple Fame Ignobles for finding new routes, new lands, and being involved in the creation of new colonies are his motivation.

Assignations with natives could, of course, add complications to the campaign/mission, but I don't need to give the Ref more nasty ideas...

When we were playing "Fallout's Fearless," and the entire squad took a Growth Ignoble as one to kill Jack Foster for his part in the death of CC Cutter I figured out a lot of ways Foster could use the Artifact against us. Sweeping a wormhole through the fleet position to dump us between stars or warping a single point around the Artifact to basically cut it off from outside influence are the two nicest things I came up with. Always figured if we played that out you'd have plenty of other ways for Foster to instantly kill everyone--if desired. :D


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