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And so ... Infinity Wars


All in all, okay.

- Dialog, fun.
- Stan Lee making cameo, check.
- Spidey -- fun. Young guy but not irritating.
- Iron Man -- okay ... getting a little tired of Downey but tolerable. (I know, I know, Blaspheme speaking ill of Downey.)
- Overall plot -- get the six thingys to advance Blofeld's plot ... uh ... Thanos' plot.
- The plot of course is preposterous. We're running out of stuff so kill half the people and we'll run out 6 year later. Huh? (Don't bother with it Jake, it's comic book town. It's not important.)
- Thanos' lieutenants are scarier than he is ... he's almost reasonable most of the time.
- Doc Strange was fun ... not great but fun. The cape makes it.
- The audience clapped at the first appearance of Captain America. Just cuz.
- Hulk -- full pass. Boring, not interesting, more boring. Never been a Hulk fan.
- Scarlet Witch -- nice lady but ... as it should be ... frightening.
- Guardians - Funny but an inferior group than the comics. Music was good and Rocket of course steals the show.
- Vision -- went full Boba Fett ... never go full Boba Fett.
- the audience stayed through the credits to catch the Ferris Bueller moment. We've been trained.
- Where was the Surfer while all this was going on? How about Daredevil? Iron Fist? What about Snapper Carr? (trick question).
- Shaggy hair Bucky Barnes is back ... and they killed Bucky again. Yikes.

- But, the show was fun. I chuckled quite a bit. Nice comic book moments. The story was sweeping but the normal clichés.
I didn't expect Shakespeare and I didn't get it. I expected Temple of Doom and I got it.

How you can make it without Fantastic Four ... well ... it's like tying one hand behind your back. Someone needs to solve that problem.

Of course, the one big problem is the ending ... as the movie should have been titled, Infinity Wars part 1 ... but then, doesn't the word Infinity in the title suggest it didn't end?

Finally, if I was going to make a list of the things I wanted to do if I had a magic mitten that let me basically do anything ... rather than killing half the dudes in the universe, why not make a millet which feeds twice as many? Why not make a shower curtain that doesn't stick to you when it's wet? Or, some way to separate peanut butter and chocolate?

(Never mind Jake it's Avenger's Town.)


   Iron Conrad

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