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Not seen it yet, but...


The movie was titled "Infinity War Part One" until six months ago...

Unfortunately, I know what the Infinity Gauntlet can do, so...

Part 1--everybody shows up, audience applauds because everyone shows up. At least two characters "die." Vision has to, because he's powered by a thing the baddie wants, and someone else for a shock ending. Since Thanos wishes to destroy half of creation they could kill the hell out of half the characters.

Part 2--fight,fight, fight, kill everyone. Someone gets the Gauntlet from Thanos and uses the Gauntlet's "+20 do anything" power to reset the universe and resurrect any character whose actor either has more films in their contract, or who re-ups.

So it's like one of the more egregious tales from 1990's Trek where the end of the two-parter was "this never happened." Or like all of season 7 of (reboot) Doctor Who where everything ended with a reset button.

Shaggy hair Bucky has two more movies in his contract after Infinity War pt. 2. Mourn him not--he will be back. If they kill anyone "permanently" it'll be Cap since Chris Evans' contract is up. Bucky will get the shield. They've been building up to that story since day one...

With luck, they'll kill off Iron Man because I'm so over Tony Stark and have been since Iron Man 3.


   Comic reader Mike

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