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Killing Marvelettes


Alternate timelines, prequels, alien restoration, tech reversal,..., no one truly dies?

Scarlet Jo should be dead just from the radiation off Hulk; what's her character's name again? No, don't answer. She's Babe Bodysuit.

She should have her own movie. Wait, she did,..., Atomic Blonde. It just starred Charlize Theron in the same role.



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Magic reversal -- Comic reader Mike (posted: 4/30/2018) 
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FIFTY-FIFTY -- red (posted: 4/30/2018) 
But if you were omnipotent, couldn't you come up with a solution that doesn't piss people off? -- Philosophical Squires (posted: 5/9/2018) 
Problems with adaptations... -- Comic nerd Mike (posted: 5/10/2018) 
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