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Magic reversal


The winky stones give absolute control over their baliwicks--Mind, Soul, Time, Space, Power and Reality. Obviously whoever has the Gauntlet can do anything. Treat it like the Laws of Magic in Barony.

Dead character? Time stone can send character back to before its death. That's only breaking one law. Reality seems to be matter, so a little Reality stone to fix the body, a little Soul stone to put it back in the body. Breaks two laws--better to use Time. It's an easier roll.

I'll get spoilery if I can spoil a movie that's not released yet. You have two basic ways to take down Thanos with the Gauntlet: both taken from the source comics. First, you can talk Thanos into partially blocking himself from the Gauntlet with an appeal to ego--having the super duper weapon reduces all challenge of conquest, thus renders victory meaningless. This gives the heroes a chance. Second, Thanos's ID knows, deep down, he is unworthy of this attained power, thus he'll eventually do something stupid.

Either way, Laura and I will try to see this before Weds, but, still, any shock deaths are meaningless. Any character killed during the current movie will be restored.

Now, characters killed in the NEXT movie may stay dead--insert BS about being "outside of reality" or some other lame reason. Iron Man and Cap are still the two most likely to die "forever," as their actor's contracts are up and they haven't re-signed. Several movies too late for Iron Man...

I've not read reviews, I've not seen any spoilers other than Conrad saying Bucky dies (Bucky gets resurrected and becomes the new Cap--I made that prediction almost ten years ago), but, structurally I predict a pretty good opening as the fate of the Asgardians comes to play. Then I expect a lot of boring exposition as characters that have never met before have to explain everything to each other multiple times. Occasionally a mini-action sequence as a standard heroes-meet misunderstanding means some B and C list characters have to take swings at each other.

Then the entire last hour will be an exciting cartoon as every character tries and fails to keep Thanos out of Wakanda, because that vibranium meteor is probably the one Infinity Stone we haven't seen yet. Heroes will die. Other heroes who SHOULD die won't (Babe Widow, for example, has no business fighting side by side with heroes with actual abilities. She's a squishy standing in the middle of a battle of EE-Suited Mercs). Power levels will make no sense in general. Shit, Tony Stark has five million suits. Besides himself, War Machine and Spidey, we'll just assume other heroes get armor. Otherwise people like Babe Widow, Wings Backpack, and I Have Arrows should be dead by the end of the second combat round.

Thanos gets the Gauntlet. Thanos kills half the Universe with a snap of his fingers. Roll credits.

So predictable I'll say I'm at least 90% accurate... And, again, it's what I've predicted for this movie since it was announced.


   Comic reader Mike

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