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Uh ... Conrad always says Bucky Dies ....


... that's one of the true-isms in comics.

Bucky was the first side kick that I can think of that died and it was a big deal. Note, Bucky was a teenager (much like the audience) when he died. They say the psychology is we didn't want to be Cap, we wanted to be Bucky ... What did they know?

The spoiler is .... don't scroll down if you don't want to know ....

still with?

still with?

I warned you ....

Doc Strange gives him the final stone in the end because it's the only way .....

Oh that and Nick Fury has a pager that mostly does text until you get to the cryptic name of Captain Marvel at the end.


   Iron Conrad

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oh ... and ... less killing ... but more removed from existence partially -- Iron Conrad (posted: 4/30/2018) 
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