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Solaris Better Alien Threat


A being w/ unlimited power, but no wisdom, no understanding of the universe. Not truly a god, but then what? Seems like aliens arrive w/ a great deal of rage.

If all the big guy desires is subservience, okay. Will he port us to inhabit a thousand stars? Does he want idols or does he need mined ore? Maybe he just likes toil. Revenge is the only true motive among the gods, that and humiliating lesser gods. Pagan pantheons self regulate, because immortals see no peril and live bored. Zardos comes to mind.

Just gather the laurel leaves and get on with the new status quo. Humanity doesn't need saving. Be nice if you fight your galactic war on Omicron Ceti. But here on earyh, so be it. Or as a wise blue guy once said, "the world's most intelligent man is no more a threat to me than the world' most intelligent termite."

Mystery leading up to the crime, I find more fascinating than the reprehension. What is behind this evil-threat? Action movies in an imaginary universe that defies the physical laws of reality is just not of any interest to me.



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