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Loki Mocks him ... as he's dying ....


That Thanos will never be a god ... as Loki is getting killed again ... First World Problems.

In the end, Thanos just sits on the porch and has a drink. Not to put too fine a point on it, but his point was there are too many of us for the available resources ... so if I kill half of us, we will all be good.

Weak men wouldn't be able to decide who should be the 50% who die ... but Thanos ... a strong dude can. HIs strong solution is ... just roll a die. I appreciate the irony.

Like I said, it's comic book town. You're mad Goldfinger!!!!

So, once he gets the big bad thingy, he does his plan and then goes home and watches the sun rise.

Don't look too hard at the edges. It was a good excuse to get Scarlett Johansson into tight vinyl and show more Iron Man armor. There will be a new issue next month ... don't sweat it.

The bickering among the Guardians of the Galaxy was really worth the price of admission alone.



   Iron Conrad

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