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I guess Disney knows what it's doing...I guess


I saw it, and enjoyed it. I hear it's made some money, so mission accomplished from Disney's point of view.

But I can't help questioning some of their choices. The Marvel movies have had this problem in the past of not letting the likes of Thor and Hulk and Vision really let loose because they'd make the rest of the characters inconsequential. So now that they have the ultimate toughest bad guy, the big guys can really pull out all the stops and show what they can do in some epic fight scenes, right? Or we can have Vision go full Boba Fett, as Conrad poetically put it, Hulk refuse to come out at all, and Thor busy running errands the whole movie, and then let Black Widow fight the cosmic bad guys. That probably makes more sense.


   Greg Squires

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Dragging out a plot point for false tension.. -- Mike Miller (posted: 5/8/2018) 
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