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Dragging out a plot point for false tension..


Sigh. Hulk refusing to come out is the single most interesting thing in a movie that unfolds along perfect, inevitable formula.

But the filmmakers have decided to hold back "Hulk SCARED!" for the next one. A shame, because if "Hulk SCARED!" has been spoken in New York the tension level of the movie would have doubled. "Hulk SCARED!"are the two words that would have made those heroes crap their pants...

Gamorra continues to get no respect from the MCU. I don't believe for one instant that Thanos loves her, and I don't believe a terminal velocity 1G fall killed her We've seen her take much harder hits. Gammora being knocked into walls 50 feet away in four frames represents much more force in a smaller surface area.

Like others have noted, power levels are all over the place. Cap does NOT stop a Thanos punch, and, if Thanos can kill a freaking Asgardian GOD with one hand, Cap doesn't survive that punch. Black Widow died in combat round 2.

Fortunately, in the next movie, someone will get the "+20 Omnipotence Winkie" and undo everything, making the entire story as pointless as a Trek episode where they hit a "temporal reset" button (specifically, Voyager's "Year of Hell," or all of season 7b of reboot "Doctor Who.")

Only emotional connection I made in "Infinity War" was to Spidey--my favorite comic book character. Spidey had enough time to shine, and he had a nice, long, "death" scene, that (it turns out) was Tom Holland going off-script.

Coincidentally I had done a particle dissolve tutorial for a company that came out the day "Infinity War" opened. Many other tutorial channels are frantically doing "Infinity War dissolves," and I'm smugly thinking "I beat you all to it." I also did it BETTER, since these other people are doing single-layer dissolves and mine uses four for depth and interior structure, AND I set up deflectors so my particles bounce off objects in the shot, which none of these others did. Yup, I'm totally bragging.


   Mike Miller

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