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Problems with adaptations...


Unfortunately, since Marvel decided to NOT personify Death and establish that Thanos is in love with her, killing half the Universe as a courting gift, the writers had to try something else as a motivation...

I could buy the "balance" if they'd properly established Thanos in the movies by the name he is known by in the comics: "The Mad Titan."

Unfortunately, Thanos has been given no backstory in the MCU. If we'd ever gotten anything before, showing how resource deprivation had kicked in, showing Thanos decide on his goal and begin his genocide, only to discover lore of the Infinity Stones AFTER he was determined to slaughter half the Universe, things would be established where we'd roll with it. As it is, we have a random Josh Brolin CGI puppet doing silly things for no reason then farting off to a farm, because, um... I don't know.

Unlike comic Thanos who decides to become a farmer because the Infinity War teaches him it is better to strive for life than Death.


   Comic nerd Mike

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