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One make-roll per action


There is a Major Tarot result that allows this, one make-roll per player for the engagement. We received the two vile cards that push everyone into the Battle Royal before that occurred. The initial Empress of ignoring lots of Major cards may have worked agin' us.

The whole system has Samurai Village similarities. The players work together, but there is advantage in revealing the whole map early, before the minus penalty gets overwhelming. I also think the scenario is a level five+ event. The alts proved they are just wound bait when faced w/ a roll of twelve or even seven.

I like the feel as a Ref. The system is easy to use and adds a graphic element to a Q&D. Maybe some intel, use of skill to see ahead or take back an action. Otherwise, I almost wish I could see the events from the fog of war side. See first hand what you are playing. I appreciate Conrad's comment that the battle feels authentic (my word not his).

Two objectives finished for the price of three wounded players (or is it four). I call this a good day. Now do we press on to win or accept our second failed result. The Battle of the Tours Forest (very near this fight) looms large in the memory.

Twas a better gang of fellows who won the day in Salerno. Diaz, Wildemoon II, Francois, Leon are all missed.



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Embrace the Purity .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 5/13/2018) 
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