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Wow, how will the story end


Only one correction for clarity, the swashbuckler is in command of a regiment, not one company but sixteen. If he joined the battle w/ such a force, two countries are truly at war. Bavaria and France are not there yet. (See excerpt Book Four, appended.)

What we're doing is typical Cutlass, sparking a crisis and profiting from the mayhem, before the diplomats arrive to restore peace.

From Campaign Guidelines: Nine Swords Wars: Border Violation
Two sides are at war and one has taken part of the territory of the other. Very rarely but possible, both sides have taken parts of each other. This truly only happens when the border lacked terrain demarcation. The two sides captured a foreign speaking salient of the other. A place that was hard to defend may have been sacrificed, while troops for a counterattack are being assembled. Wars still were fought in certain seasons. The two lands may be naïve, by only invading each other for part of the year. “You surrender? No, you surrender?”



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Hopefully with a rescue from the cavalry... -- Mike Myke Mique (posted: 5/12/2018) 
Injured Dudes should end up off the battle field .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 5/13/2018) 
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