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Hopefully with a rescue from the cavalry...


I guess the only good thing about ending the session mid-battle is having the option to bring in other characters at start of play. I believe those are all the high-level guys getting multiple rolls, so that will help.

Although if alts enter and get wounded, players have the option between which wounded character continues.

No-brainer for me... This mission isn't exploring a new part of the map, so Leon would bow out to heal. Bailey would stick around, but (remember, assuming a wounded Leon), might do something stupid and impulsive and try to shank Tortensson.

Of my two characters, Leon is the one whose motivation was chosen by me, while Bailey's marriage and cuckolding were deck events. I'll cheerfully admit of the two Leon is my clear favorite.

But a Ref note of Tortensson giving Bailey his wife's jewelry? I appreciate the humor of that cruel note, but, yeah... Bailey is a character whose only true motivation now is to kill that guy. If Bailey dies, hopefully it's not alone (murdering a key member of the French military can, in no way, backfire on the Vert Valiant--free promotion for Francois!). If he lives (and Tortensson doesn't), then the character whose only real personality trait is being pissed about being cuckolded might retire to home.

Bailey is lvl 4, I think Tortensson is lvl 5, so I might hold back on asking for Duels Ignobles until last... Unless that takes Bailey to lvl 5 and that critical double-roll.


   Mike Myke Mique

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Injured Dudes should end up off the battle field .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 5/13/2018) 
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