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Part of me thinks we are interfering where no interference is required.

Let the players use the Make Rolls as they see fit. In Mainz, there were easily 10 decisions I had to make to get where I was. If I had been able to expend make rolls, I would have used maybe 2 or 3. At level 6, that would leave me with 3 left. In the last 10 areas, there are at least 3 opportunities where a make roll would be needed.

The scarcity will take care of itself.

The option to use the make roll would save a swaggering technique or two. That's just a few rounds of gamingly? (I got sucked into the Battle Royale and came out on the 2nd roll -- losing three ignobles.)

(It should be noted, I could not take out 2 minions in 3 rounds because I drew the first two cards as banes ... a thing that is not unlikely. One cannot dispatch a foe if you can't get a shot at a dispatch result.)

Give us a shot at Porsh, there goes one make roll. Take out the baggage train for a life time of loot (and a quick ignoble), there goes one. Against all odds, recover my favorite chapeau and buckle, there goes one.

How does one check the ignoble Risk and Savoir-Faire if you don't actually take a risk?

If I remember the text correctly, it's the Gentleman's Luck roll. Don't over think it. (Besides, Red will choose to roll the dice instead and return the odds to chance.)

Don't worry about what you don't have, worry about what you do possess ... whoops that's the Traits logic.


   Iron Conrad

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