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Injured Dudes should end up off the battle field ....


I think Baily got to the train of the injured making their way back to the field hospitals (such as they were) ...

It would make sense to push people from the battle to the parade of the injured to learn secrets and make their way to places that would not be immediately accessible.

The battle may be won or lost already. Would the appearance of a few Swashbucklers sway the battle? They can hold a point in an heroic tale. But, as they say, God is on the side with the bigger battalions.

Sure you could hold the farm house (La Haye Sainte) for a bit longer but if Blücher does not arrive in time, it's all for naught. And, unless one can control the weather, well ... you can always blame a tactical blunder on the weather.

And, since one side will merely withdraw ... does it matter who holds the bloody field after the battle? The Lords will just ransom each other and the peasants will return to their fields.


   Iron Conrad

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