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Is Ignobles Achievements?


... I've maintained for decades that Ignobles are the best character advancement system out there. Experience points! Fah! I'll be over here working on a good "Personal Growth." ...

I would agree that Ignobles is far superior to experience points. I can kill the same goblin over and over again and eventually, I'm a 2 but I'm no better (except perhaps my blade is dinged up). One could argue my Hit Goblin skill should have increased.

But, collecting a given number of XPs seems a cheap way to include experience. Ignobles makes one strive to do things that are against one's nature --- that is to say put yourself in danger.

But, isn't that what is now called "Achievements". I would argue Ignobles were around long before achievements but I can see how they might have arrived at the notion independently. Achievements tend to just unlock something rather than advance the character specifically.

On top of forcing one to do what you would rather not do, the freestyle nature creates a more useful mechanism.


   Iron Conrad

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